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Reference Management System
Manage Web
and Email Requests

Knowledge Tracker™ automatically handles online requests. All data is captured and can be used to route requests to the right person. Email communication is automatically recorded in a central transcript.

Desk Tracker™

Knowledge Tracker™ integrates with the Desk Tracker™ statistics system to provide quick desk referrals and comprehensive historical and ongoing public service reports.


Securing the system for both staff and patrons is simple, and outside experts can be consulted without compromising sensitive patron information.

Your Knowledge

Turn your library’s accumulated knowledge into a comprehensive public information system. No web development skills required!

Why use
Knowledge Tracker™?

Knowledge Tracker™ makes public service easier than ever by bringing together email and online requests, reference referrals, and public information websites in a friendly, online environment.

Developed in cooperation with University of Chicago Libraries, Knowledge Tracker™ is a breakthrough in reference management:

  • Automatic request routing and user-friendly communication tools mean improved response times.
  • Public websites stay up-to-date through efficient publication of common answers and accumulated knowledge.
  • No need for inflexible third-party technology that doesn’t track the right data or “in-house” systems that are costly to maintain.

Knowledge Tracker™ fits your library, because you design it. The hosted system means there is nothing to install or maintain, and one annual subscription provides unlimited use.

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